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The Green Clean Book
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Do You Like Saving Money...

And Keeping Your Home Safe For Your Family And Pets?

How much do you spend on potentially toxic household cleaners each year?


From W.P. Allen
Creator Of GotNaturalHealth.com
May 19, 2010

Dear Friend,

If you look at how much you spend on potentially dangerous cleaners each year it can really add up. And how safe are the cleaners you use? Are they safe for your children? Are they safe for your pets? Are they safe for the environment?

Now you don't have to worry.

With just a few basic ingredients that you can find in your kitchen you can create your own household cleaners for a few pennies.

I began making my own cleaners just a few years ago and I have absolutely loved the way it has saved me a lot of money, protected my family from the amount of chemicals that were used, and allowed me to choose the type of scents and control the intensity of my own cleaners.

Now you can do the same.

Because I have put together in a downloadable book, all of those recipes.

Why this book?  Because I spent nearly a year researching the best safe and effective recipes for cleaning just about everything inside and outside my home.   I found some incredible recipes that are all super-simple to make, easy to use, and virtually free to put together. This last year I saved hundreds of dollars and eliminated the hazardous chemicals that my family was being exposed to simply by using the recipes in this book.

If you like saving money and keeping your home safe for your kids and pets then this is the ebook that you need to own.

Plus it is now on sale for 50% off (for a very limited time). Only $7.00


Here's what a few people who already own the book have said about it:

"I find that the recipes in The Green Clean Book go into greater depth than those others I've found online. I use the book daily and recommend it to anyone else wanting to rid themselves of the dangerous chemicals laying around their homes."

-Daniel Markus
Wilmingon, Ohio

"I love this book! I devour it...and then take recipes from it to send to all my friends." 

-Kim Ziegler
Burlington, Vermont

"I didn't think I would ever find such a comprehensive guide online. Keep up the excellent work!" 

-Darren Hall
Martinsville, Indiana

"I've got 3 children and I was so unaware of the dangers of chemicals that were just laying around in reach of my kids. I got rid of all of them and now I have a few boxes of baking soda, some lemon oil, some vinegar, and a printed out copy of The Green Clean Book . That's all I need. I feel my kids are safer, I'm saving money, and helping the environment all at once." 

-Jackie Hodson
Chicago, Illinois

Here is what you’ll find inside The Green Clean Book:

1. Advantages Of Making Your Own Cleaning Products
2. The Rules Of Making Your Own Cleaners
3. Cleaning The Kitchen
4. Cleaning The Bathroom
5. The Laundry
6. Ironing
7. General Household Cleaning
8. Furniture/Floors Wood, Vinyl and Leather
9. Glass Cleaner
10. Plants
11. Shoe Care/Leather Care
12. Car Care
13. Outdoors
14. Pet Care
15. Health And Beauty

So why not give it a try? There is a 100% money-back guarantee so you’re covered if you do not like it and want a refund (if you decide you do not want the ebook you’ll be given a full money-back guarantee, no questions asked).

A Healthy Array Of Recipes, Tips, And Tricks From Inside The Green Clean Book:

Casserole Dishes

Read about how you can use salt and boiling water to remove even the most stubborn baked on foods.

Removing Cooking Odors

Discover how a few cups of vinegar can absorb any kind of nasty cooking odors.

Cleaning The Oven

Learn how to overnight clean your oven using just water, baking soda, and some vegetable oil-based liquid soap.

Deoderizing The Bathroom

Discover a secret place to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil so that it continually releases the pleasant fragrance into the bathroom.

Hard Water Spots/Lime Scale Deposits/Metal Shower Heads

Read about how to safely and naturally clean all of these very tough to clean surfaces.

Dryer Sheets

Learn how to make your own natural, beautifully scented dryer sheets.

Laundry Detergent

Discover the secret recipe for making dirt and germ eliminating laundry detergent.

Stubborn Stains

Learn the natural secrets for removing grass, grease, antipersperant and other tough to remove stains from the laundry.

Disinfectants/Natural Bleaches/Anti-Bacterial Sprays

Discover how to make safe and natural disinfectants for every day use.

Furniture Polish

Learn how to make a deliciously scented lemon oil furniture duster or an effective, safe, and natural furniture polish.

Windows And Mirrors

Read the recipes for safe, non-streak, natural mirror and window cleaners. You can use these solutions as you would any commercial window/mirror cleaner products.

Stinky Shoes?

Use this safe and natural recipe to get rid of the stink in your favorite shoe/trainer.

Washing Your Car

Don’t let all of those chemicals just wash down the drains of your street. Use this natural car wash and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your car will look.


Clean bird droppings, remove calcium from brickwork, clean concrete, decking, and more with these recipes, tips, and tricks for the areas outside your home.


Learn how to repel insects and make natural herbicides to keep your garden going strong.

Shampooing Your Pet

Learn how to shampoo your pet safely without exposing him/her and you to dangerous chemicals. Also included is a natural flea and tick rinse and a sly way to remove “wet dog” smell that you’ve probably never heard of.

And Much, Much, More!


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