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Some Shocking Facts About Wedding Industry

#1. It takes less than $100 to manufacture a wedding gown that normally retails at $2000.
#2. More than 70% of wedding vendors will price a product or service higher if the word 'wedding' is mentioned.
#3. In 2006, the average cost of a single wedding was $27,852, which had increased by 32% since 2000


"My Amazing Wedding Planning Method and Tools Will Guarantee You To Do the Following"

(Erica Yoon,
Saved Over $10,000
on Her Wedding)


Dear bride-to-be,

How much money can you put in your pocket if you saved just 10% on your wedding? It doesn't matter whether your wedding budget is $5,000, $10,000, or even $50,000.

Let's just say that your wedding budget is only $10,000. If you saved just 10% it would give you $1,000 in savings.

But what if you could save 30%?... 50%.... or even 80%?

Seems difficult or maybe impossible? Well, it's not... And that's exactly why I'm here to prove it. I can say it with confidence because not only I have done it and people how followed my advice have done it as well.

But don't just take my word for it. Here is what some others recently had to say about my secrets.

"One Tip Saved Me Few Hundred Dollars Already!"

Money-saving tips and ideas you gave me are nothing like I've heard before. Just last week I bought my wedding dress and accessories after following your step-by-step outline. Although I don’t know the exact amount but one tip probably saved me few hundred dollars already. Thank you!

Susan S.
Long Beach, California USA


"More Helpful Than My Wedding Planner!"

I hired a professional wedding planner for to plan and manage my wedding. She was good to work with and I was happy. But after I read your guide I really felt that I paid too much for my wedding planner because your guide contains everything I needed to know to plan my wedding from start to finish.

Your guide was more helpful than my wedding planner. The only unfortunately about this was I found this well after I started planning. If I'd known about it sooner, I wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars on a wedding planner.

Kimberly Riley
Pottstown, Pennsylvania USA


Who Am I Why You Should Listen To Me?

Hi, my name is Erica Yoon. I recently got married on May 2006. I planned my entire wedding myself. If there is anyone who knows how time consuming and stressful planning a wedding can be, it's me.

Because I was (still am) working 64 hours/week and had over $100,000 in school loan debt... I had to work with very limited time and budget. But I didn't want to have a mediocre, "cheap-looking" wedding that I might regret in the future.

I've just been there... I planned my entire wedding myself... And I had to work with very limited budget... But ended up with a breaktaking wedding that that many of my guest told me that my wedding was the best wedding they've ever attended.


I also read all the bestselling books and magazines. (I had to do that when I had to save money as much as possible) But the truth is that most of them teach us to plan either "cheap-looking" wedding or "make everything yourself".

But I can assure you my secret is unlike anything you have read or heard. You will be able to have that beautiful wedding you always wanted. AND... save a fortune in the process.

Without Having a Wedding in Your Backyard
Without Buying a Used or Cheap Quality Wedding Dress
Without Making Your Own Wedding Cake
Without Having Your Friend to Take Wedding Photos
Without Negotiating with Wedding Vendors
Without Any "Cheap" Advice That You Will Normally Find in Wedding Books, Magazines, or Websites...



And for the past year, my guide has helped my friends and countless of people who read and followed my advice to have their own special wedding while saving thousands and thousands of dollars.

Please read this entire article and do not skip a word. Because this letter is all about your wedding.... How YOU too can have your own dream wedding and save up to 80% of your wedding expenses at the same time.


How ANYONE Can Easily Save $10,000
on an Average Wedding...

If you were to have an average wedding that costs around $27,000, I guarantee that you will be able to save at least $10,000.

That may sound like an enormous task for you, but it isn't. For example if you could slash 50% on every wedding expenses, the amount of money you save could easily be over $10,000. (Saving 50% off in wedding market is easy. I'll tell you why in a moment)

That's exactly how I did it. I learned the methods and tricks where I could buy wedding items significantly lower than the normal. And pretty soon, the amount I saved collectively on all my expenses added up to be over $10,000.

For example...

Did you know that it cost less than $100 to manufacture a wedding gown that retails for over $2,000?

Did you also know that you can buy the same dress at $200 or less?... It's not impossible. In fact it's very easy. People who followed my advice are doing it all the time.

What's more, you can use the same concept to buy bridesmaid dresses, shoes, headpieces, and other accessories. ANYONE could do this!

Well... what about catering? The single biggest wedding expense. The average dinner for a single guest ranges between $50-$100? What if you could reduce it to $25-$50 for same quality meal? How much money could you save for 100 guests?...

What if you could slash off 70% on alcohol cost? 50% on Flowers? 80% on Limousine?

Collectively, the amount you save can add up to be a small fortune. And again, ANYONE can do this!


Why 99% of Brides Overspend
Excessively When They Don't Have To...

Wedding is a "service-driven" market. That's the way it is. Wedding items have much higher markups compare to non-wedding items because the service is always involved.

I can never buy $300 digital camera at $100. But... I can buy $1000 wedding dress at $100.

For example... when you buy a wedding dress, you will get help from a professionals. They will help you select right sizes, gives you recommendations, and so on.... They have to charge very high to make up for the professional service and labors or the business won't survive.

And just go to any bridal shop. You will find that the products are more expensive than what you normally see in other stores. It's not that the product itself is expensive, but it's the "hidden" service fee that makes the wedding product more expensive.

That means if you can avoid the hidden service and find a way to get your wedding product as close to its origial source, we can easily save tons of money... as much as 50%-80%.

One of my methods will teach you exactly that. How to buy a wedding product directly from manufacturer or at a wholesale price.

That's Not All. Almost All Brides Pay Extra Dollars Without Even Knowing... Because They Are Unsuspecting of the Stunts the Wedding Vendors Were Pulling

Here's another reason why people overspend way too much than they should.

Anything with "wedding" is more expensive.

This is a proven fact! Tests and studies shows that almost all vendors will quote products or services more for wedding than for any other event such as birthday party or retirement party. Renting reception hall, limousine, catering, dresses, flowers, you name it. They all overcharge every "wedding" stuff.

Did you know that $15,000-$20,000 is the average wedding budget? Yet the actual cost comes out to be $27,852. That means we go over their wedding budget by $10,000 on average.

Why do we end up spending more than we expect?

Because wedding vendors are experienced sales people! Not only they charge high markups, but they'll do everything in their power to 'steal' every single penny possible. from us. And They will make you THINK that you got a great deal out on them.

Few Common Tricks Wedding Vendors Use To Steal Extra Money From You...

Most vendors charge hidden fees that you cannot possibly even imagine such as "dress try-on" fees, "cake-cutting" fees, "consulting" fees, "gasoline" fees for traveling, and much more.

They make you put deposit without any writing so that later they could steal your money.

They make you buy NOW by lying that some other bride is interested in the product and she may make a desposit in any minute.

Many hotels buy food in bulk to save money and serve you frozen foods. We all know that food tastes worse when it are frozen.

They take off tags from wedding gown made out of polyester and then lie that it's a luxrious fabric. That way they can easily transform a $500 dress to a $2000 dress.

You reserve a specific ballroom in hotel for your reception. Just before the day, you found that the room has been changed to a small room while the original ballroom was occupied by other bigger event.

A caterer refers you a great wedding band by saying all good things about them. So you hire them only to find out that they suck. What happens is that the caterer receives 10% commission of what you pay the band.

Bridal shops will markup their wedding items 20% higher than retail price than have it on 15% sale.

Are you surprised? Again, these are just very few and I haven't scratched the surface. Scams like these could easily drain extra thousands of dollars from your pocket.

If you haven't planned a wedding before, then you probably are don't know what to ask for, how to get good price, and how to avoid scams like that.

But they do it all the time. They will have their way 99.9% of time.

No wonder why the average wedding costs is $27,852 and that most brides exceed their budget.

But don't worry My method will teach you how to immediately spot these scams and then completely eliminate them from happening to you. So you can avoid throwing away extra unnecessary money. Read on... I tell you how.

I Was Forced to Reveal My Secrets... Because the Results From My Other Brides Were Nothing Short of Amazing!

After seeing how I planned my own wedding entirely by myself and saved over $10,000.... A friend of mine, who was planning her own wedding, asked me to help her out. So I sent her an email what I did and how I saved so much money.

The next day she told me that she was absolutely amazed by the information I sent her. It was the so helpful and valuable that she shouted "You HAVE to publish it Erica!" But I just chuckled away.

Few months later she suggested to me again that I had to publish it. She also told me that she forwarded my email message to her friend, who was also getting married and who also said that my wedding planning information was priceless.

Hearing that both of them had amazing results and their overly positive responses I almost became obligated to make it more formal and help other bride-to-be to have their own success story.

So I began to turn my notes into a step-by-step wedding planning guide and put it up online so it could benefit people worldwide. Along the way I researched, surveyed hundreds of brides, and answered their biggest concerns to improve my guide even more.

This Is Unlike Anything You've
Ever Seen Or Heard Before...!

I took everything I learned, experienced, every tip and trick that I sniffed out, and every gold-nugget of advice that I got from wedding "insiders" and created the ultimate, step-by-step wedding planning survival guide... Especially for those who have low budget but still want to have a luxurious-looking wedding!

You will get practical, no-fluff advice with "battle-tested" inside tips, proven tricks and wedding planning secrets designed to avoid disasters, eliminate stress, and save you a bundle of money (and no, you will NOT find anything like this in one of those $10-$30 wedding books you see on bookstores, magazine, or online stores)

Knowing what to do is the EASY PART, but knowing HOW to do it is the most important thing, which is exactly what "Amazing Wedding Planning" guide gives you.


Here's just a few of things you will discover in my "Amazing Wedding Planning" guide:

Step-by-step exactly how to get Brand NEW wedding dress for less than $100. I heard from many brides that they didn't notice anything different from $2000 dress.
(Page 125)
One little trick that will reduce alcohol cost upto 70%.
(Page 155)
Discover one little phrase you could say that could reduce the price as much as 20% without changing the menu or number of guests.
(Page 156)
Shopping for wedding dress is an exhausting process and you could get burned out pretty easily. I'll show you 3 powerful tips that could save time and stress during dress shopping.
(Page 159)
Where to get free card templates and calligraphy fonts for personalizing your invitations.
(Page 152)
Where and how to save up to 80% on headpiece, veil, and tiara.
(Page 145)
How to determine if the florist you are dealing with is right for you. Don't expect florist will a perfect job just because they are professional.
(Page 160)
One neat way to create and send invitations without any money. Yes, that's Zero Dollars!
(Page 131)
One little idea that could slash your wedding reception cost by thousands of dollars
(Page 131)
Three best and proven wholesalers who grow their own flowers so you can get the cheapest price for beautiful fresh flowers. You could easily save 50% more than a local flower shop.
(Page 160)
Discover 5 common tricks that bridal shops use to quietly steal extra money from you. Bridal shops wish that you never find about them.
(Page 147)
A creative way to get catering and service upto 50% lower than normal price, but the food will be just as good, or better, than the typical professional catering service.
(Page 149)
Time and date matters! I'll tell you the best time of the day, the best time of the week to get the absolutely cheapest price possible for food and beverages. Remember saving 1% could translate to around $100 when we are talking about catering.
(Page 162)
The caterer will work hard to get you money than we will try to save. And they have the experience to outsmart us. I will spill 4 common dirty tricks that caterers use to squeeze most amount of money from you.
(Page 145)
20 ways to cut your expense dramatically when booking your wedding reception site.
(Page 135)
Simple but very powerful negotiating tip that could easily save you 10-15% of the cost.
(Page 161)
Discover a clever trick that will enhance the look of your flowers and bouquet.
(Page 154)
One way that will dramatically reduce the cost for flowers and bouqet as much as 70%.
(Page 155)
4 creative ways to save big money on alcohol costs
(Page 153)
A website where you could customize your invitations cards with ease and then able to see the "real-life" examples online. Not to mention the price is very affordable.
(Page 135)
Best places to get idea for unique flower design for your wedding.
(Page 158)
Discover common scams that photographers and videographer will use on you to steal extra money. You don't want to leave your wedding memories at risk, do you?
(Page 148)
Everyone says that the Saturday is the most expensive day of the week for your wedding reception. But it also can be the cheapest day of the week. Discover why and how you can take advantage of it.
(Page 138)
Did you know the average cost of a single bridesmaid dress is $200? You will discover where you can get quality bridesmaid gowns for less than $100.
(Page 168)
Learn 5 rules that will prevent 99% of wedding scams. These are very easy to follow and it will work on ANY wedding vendors. Even if you get ripped off, you WILL get your money back, Guaranteed!
(Page 137)
4 other creative ways to save money on your wedding dress without renting dress or buying a used dress.
(Page 104)
8 proven ways to reduce cost when reserving a ceremony site.
(Page 41)
Creating your invitations could save you the most amount of money, but normally requires a lot of work. If you are looking to create your own invitations, I'll show you step-by-step how to create a stunning one.
(Page 159)
Bridal shops will sell you almost everything more expensive just because they are "wedding" stuff. I'll show other ways to get accessories including wedding shoes, gloves, tiara, each under $50.
(Page 142)
Learn 3 common ways how florist will take advantage of you and steal your money without you knowing about it. And how you could prevent from happening to you.
(Page 143)
3 Reasons why you shouldn't shop at David's Bridal. Yet, most brides shop at David's without knowing these pitfalls that could cost them money.
(Page 153)
ind out where you can find the cheapest wedding band for entertainment.
(Page 141)
Why you should bring outside caterer instead of in-house caterer for hotels or reception hall... But, not always.
(Page 172)
Should you go for buffet or just sit down dinner? I'll tell you which one you should go for and why. You may think it won't matter too much, but it will.
(Page 165)
We both know how important your wedding photos will be and that you should hire the best photographer. I will reveal 8 tips how to select the best photographer for you.
(Page 158)
9 creative ways to come up with unique and beautiful wedding favors without costing hundreds of dollars.
(Page 148)
5 ingenious ways to cut limousine and transportation cost as much as 80%
(Page 158)
I'll give you my top recommended online wedding favors stores. They are extremely cheap, yet very unique.
(Page 159)
If you want to buy a used wedding dress, you will find 14 best places to get one.
(Page 133)
The 7 sure-fire negotiating tips to get what YOU want at the price YOU want to pay
(Page 152)
Clever and sneaky way to cut your wedding cake cost by 70%
(Page 120)

And much, much more money saving tips

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