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Wholesale Designer Handbags
  Wholesale Designer Handbags
Featured Brands - Wholesale Designer Handbags

Get Instant Access to Genuine Certified Wholesale Suppliers of Authentic Designer MerchandiseHandbags, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Watches, Accessories & more—from Designers Prada, Burberry, Gucci, Coach, & More at 50-80% Off Retail

Looking for wholesale suppliers of authentic designer handbags and other merchandise for your business, a business you'd like to start OR just for yourself?

Have You:

Spent hours searching online for suppliers with little to no luck?

Found suppliers but not sure you can trust them—are they legitimate? Is their merchandise really authentic?

Purchased 'wholesale lists' that turned out to be junk?

Been burned by scam artists who sold you fake merchandise or took off with your money?

If so, I understand your frustration.
My name is Viktor. A little over a decade ago, I was trying to start a business selling designer handbags after reading a success story about a woman who was making a lot of money selling this merchandise. Designer handbags are one of the most sought-after items by women and they sell like hotcakes.

But when I tried to find a wholesale supplier, it felt impossible. I'd spend countless hours searching online and hardly get anywhere. And the frustrating thing was I knew these suppliers existed: I saw people selling authentic designer handbags on eBay and other websites, but I couldn't figure out where they were getting them from. No one wanted to talk.

When I finally found a supplier I thought I could trust—a company based in Italy, no less—I purchased $1,000 worth of Prada handbags from them, and they turned out to be fake.

This made me even more determined to find a legitimate supplier, which I eventually did—after a lot of research—a few months later. It was at that time, 10 years ago now, that I began successfully selling this merchandise as a business.

Once I got my foot in the door, I learned a lot about the business. I made connections with people in the industry and eventually discovered dozens of suppliers of not only designer handbags, but also designer clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

Finding these suppliers was not easy. Most of them aren't listed in the search engines and can't be found online. You really have to know someone in the business to get access to them.

When it comes to buying authentic designer merchandise at wholesale:

There are way more SCAMS than REAL suppliers


Suppliers passing off extremely high-quality knockoffs from China as "authentic".

Suppliers that are con artists who simply take your money and run.
Worthless 'wholesale lists' sold by people who know nothing about the business.
9 out of 10 wholesale suppliers claiming to sell "authentic" designer merchandise are selling FAKES.
#1 Scam: Suppliers Selling Fake Designer Handbags as "Authentic"

Most wholesale suppliers selling "so-called" authentic designer handbags, designer clothing, etc. are selling fakes. They're selling what's called '7 Star Replicas' or 'Mirror Image' Replicas. And these aren't just any replicas. They're top-of-the-line knockoffs made in China—designer handbags that look so much like the real thing, most people can't tell the difference. These bags comes with authenticity cards, dust covers, and even serial numbers, but they aren't real. And get this: I've taken some of these replicas to a major department store here in the United States and been told by their sales person that they were real! That's how good they are. Granted, they didn't fool every sales person.

7 Star Replicas are a HUGE business in China; they sell them all over the world. Unfortunately, many suppliers in the United States—and even Italy—pass this merchandise off as authentic to unsuspecting consumers.

I, personally, know of good-intentioned people that have bought and sold this merchandise—some for months—without ever knowing that they were selling fakes. The problem is: this merchandise is illegal. Even if you tell your customers it's fake, it's still illegal. It's trademark infringement. Stay away from it.

Here's a tip: If you think you've found your dream wholesale supplier of authentic designer handbags and they have an endless supply of bags—especially whatever's hot right now—think again. When it comes to authentic designer merchandise at wholesale, inventory is limited, it changes frequently, and is often past-season.

#2 Scam: Wholesale Lists

There are dozens and dozens of wholesale lists for sale on the internet that claim to give you legitimate wholesale distributors of authentic designer handbags, clothing, etc. but nearly all of them are junk. They sell anywhere from $0.99 to $20, many of them on eBay.

The people behind these lists know nothing about this business. They have never been in this business. They're just looking for a quick buck. Most of these wholesale lists are just the search results from Google or names and numbers compiled from other outdated wholesale lists. What you get are hundreds of distributor listings—most of which are no longer valid—and no real quality contacts.

Some Designer Brands are Almost Impossible to Get Wholesale

Louis Vuitton is one of those brands. If you come across a wholesale supplier that claims to have authentic Louis Vuitton, I can pretty much guarantee you it's fake. It's been said that Louis Vuitton would rather burn their bags before letting them get to the off-price or secondary wholesale market.

The only place Louis Vuitton wholesales their merchandise is to their boutiques. They don't have distributors or other suppliers, whatsoever. In fact, most designers don't—the merchandise goes straight from the factories to their boutiques and authorized dealers. Say a particular Louis Vuitton item doesn't sell, they would rather destroy it than risk seeing it on the shelves at an outlet store. They do this to protect their brand image—the prestige and exclusivity people associate with Louis Vuitton. If LV were available on the off-price market, they believe their brand image would be diminished. Having said this, however, there is the RARE occasion that a supplier gets a hold of authentic Louis Vuitton, but it's almost unheard of. You have to be VERY well connected in this business.

Rest assured, most all other designer brands aren't this tough to get wholesale.

How You Can Tell if a Designer Wholesaler is Legitimate

Now that you know what to avoid when looking for a designer handbag wholesaler, here's what you should look for:

A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler sells AUTHENTIC designer handbags. Pretty obvious, right, but what does this mean? It means that if you mail the merchandise to the designer to have it authenticated (they ONLY true way to know), they will determine that it's authentic. It also means that the designer, themselves, will honor any repairs, warranty issues, etc. that may arise with the merchandise because it's a genuine product.
A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler wholesales handbags at 50-80% off retail, so you can make a profit! Generally speaking, you can expect the merchandise to be at least 50% off retail.
A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler will not require that you pay additional fees, beside the cost of the merchandise and shipping, to purchase wholesale. They will also offer a money-back guarantee on the authenticity of their merchandise.
A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler will usually require you to purchase a minimum quantity, generally 5-10 items. This is wholesale, after all. Having said that, there are suppliers that do not have minimums, but it's the exception.
A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler will have limited quantities of merchandise, styles that change from season-to-season, and probably sell past-season merchandise. Designer merchandise has a very high demand and limited quantities are intentionally produced to increase the perceived value of the merchandise, which makes the wholesale market small. It's always a red flag when you see a supplier that has the same styles season-after-season and seemingly endless quantities of merchandise, especially designer handbags.

Also, more often than not, authentic designer merchandise is going to be past-season (similar to the type of merchandise you'd find in a designer outlet store). Don't despair, however, this stuff sells like hotcakes—just look at big name sites like BlueFly.com that sell this merchandise all day long. Anything 'designer' is in demand. That being said, there are legitimate wholesale suppliers that sell current season designer merchandise (the stuff that's being sold in the boutiques right now) but they are not the norm.
A Legitimate Designer Handbag Wholesaler will be straightforward with their company's complete contact information: name, address (which should NOT be a PO BOX or a UPS address), telephone number (you should always be able to speak with someone before placing an order), e-mail, etc. Their place of business should not be a secret or hidden in any way. It's a huge red flag if you have to do any digging to find out who they are, where they are located, how to get into contact with them, etc. Seem obvious, but I can't tell you how many people have done business with suppliers where this has been the case.
If a company claims to be a legitimate wholesaler of designer merchandise and cannot meet the above guidelines, it is usually in your best interest to look the other way.
Where Can You Find Legitimate Wholesale Suppliers of Authentic Designer Handbags, Clothing, Shoes, & More?

Well, you can either invest a lot of time and money into doing the research yourself like I did or you can use my online Wholesale Designer Directory and hit the ground running by benefiting from my research—research that I learned the hard way, through trial and error and connections made from years of experience in the designer apparel business.  

The directory I have complied contains wholesale suppliers of authentic designer handbags, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, accessories, and more. Every single company in my Wholesale Designer Directory has been thoroughly screened and certified as a genuine wholesale supplier of authentic designer merchandise.

These are the exact same sources that successful eBay® sellers, Amazon® sellers, and online store owners use.

What Makes My Directory Different?


Unlike most people offering wholesale lists related to designer merchandise, I have almost a decade's of experience in this business. I walk the walk. I started out in 2003 with no experience and eventually built up a successful business selling designer merchandise. I learned about the industry the hard way, through trial and error. I've made many mistakes. I've been scammed by suppliers that have sold me merchandise that I though was authentic, only to later find out it was fake. I've lost a lot money. I've made a lot of money. You name it.

I've developed contacts in this industry that only come from years of experience. With this experience, I offer more than just the supplier listings themselves—which no doubt are valuable—I provide insider knowledge on how this business works: how to work with suppliers, things to look out for, things to avoid, etc. I provide this information as a supplement to the directory, and I believe this information is just as important as the directory itself.


Every supplier listed in my directory has been screened and is certified to be a genuine supplier of authentic designer merchandise. I take this very seriously. If a supplier is listed in my directory, they are legitimate. Once approved into the directory, I periodically review the suppliers to ensure they are still on the up and up.


The directory is online. It's in a password-protected members' only site. By having an online directory, I can ensure that it's always kept up-to-date. Directories that are printed on paper can be outdated in an instant. An online membership website can always be current. When I come across new suppliers, I place an announcement on the main page of the directory. If there's an issue with a supplier, it's handled right away and all members are notified. You won't find this kind of relevancy with other wholesale lists.


You can use my directory to start your own business selling one of the hottest products around: Designer Handbags!


Here's what some of my customers are saying about my directory:

B. Marie Vinson
B. Marie Vinson - Poway, California - inforboutique@aol.com
"...Words can't express how thankful I am to you and to your beautiful directory. It has literally opened a window of endless possibilities for ordinary people like myself. I now feel so much more confident about going into business knowing that I have credible, reliable and trustworthy sources. By the way all of the suppliers have been truly fantastic to work with!
...thank you for all of your research that you have shared so generously to complete strangers. ...what you have done for the fashion industry by means of your authentic source guide is priceless."
Teagan Wolfe
Teagan Wolfe - Temecula, CA - twolfe2722@aol.com
"Ok I have bought so many lists, but by far and wide, yours is the very, very, very best. I have sold designer goods for a long time. I have done well in this business, but I have never found such great and wonderful sources as you have provided! You are making my dreams come true!
I will be selling on eBay, websites and trunk shows. Thank you for sharing this information! You are the very best!"
UPDATE 6/10/10: "Because of you, I have built a website, got the greatest contacts and now I am flying to see a couple great suppliers to meet with them...

I also have buying power with XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX XXX, and XXXXXXXXXXXXX... I get lots from them and get anything they have...I have wholesale buying power!"
Michael Smith
JDLM, Inc. - Texas - jdlminc@aol.com
"Great website, well let me use another word OUTSTANDING website [directory], more information than I expected, a lot of good info. Everything is well organized and easy to understand, even a sample letter to use. Your website advertising the wholesalers is what got me interested in joining.

A lot of sites I have went to just seemed so not inviting but yours just gave me a warm feeling inside that this is the real deal. I am sure some of those sites I visited are good but yours was the best...me and my wife will definitely have fun in doing this and I think that is the key."

Lorraine Fahy
Lorraine Fahy - Spring Hose, PA

"Thank you for your wholesale contact lists over the years. This information has allowed us to grow beyond belief. On our journey, we have found many contacts of our own and become wholesalers ourselves.

Your wholesale list was the best one I've EVER, EVER bought."

Shanae P. - Washington, DC
"I just wanted to comment and THANK YOU for providing such a reliable and informative wholesale list.This is the second wholesale list I have purchased...and it was the best $39.00 I have spent all year! Every single last contact on the list responded to my inquiries. Not to mention, they are all verifiable and trustworthy sources! I have been searching for an honest way to make money online while doing something that I like and I have definitely found my niche. Thank you so much."

What the Wholesale Designer Directory Is

The directory contains genuine certified wholesale suppliers of authentic designer handbags, clothing, shoes, perfume, jewelry, sunglasses, watches, cosmetics, and accessories.

The directory has 100s of designer brands—most designers are available. Designer handbags are generally 50-75% off retail on average, with most being at least 50% off retail.

The suppliers are located worldwide with most being based in the United States and Europe. Most of the suppliers ship worldwide and can be used by anyone regardless of location.

The directory contains
articles and information on how to best navigate this business (e.g., how to work with suppliers) based on my experience, including useful tips and insider knowledge.

Every supplier in the directory has been certified as genuine. They have undergone a thorough screening process. Their merchandise has been authenticated either by me, personally, or a trusted 3rd party. The suppliers' business backgrounds have been checked, and they have provided references when necessary. The majority of the suppliers in my directory have been there for years and are therefore proven, having been successful used by members time and time again. Additionally, every supplier in my directory accepts a secured form of payment (credit card, PayPal, etc.), so you are protected.  

You receive every supplier's complete contact information. Each supplier listing includes names, phone numbers, addresses, websites, etc. Also provided is the type of merchandise they carry, the brands they carry, and specific comments on each supplier. There is no fluff. You will not be wading through listings that are invalid or inactive.

The directory comes with free lifetime updates
. Once you are a member, you are a member for life. The directory is updated often and you will have access to these updates free of charge, forever.

Lastly, as a member,
you can contact me anytime, by phone or email, for help with any questions you may have.

I GUARANTEE that every supplier listed in my
Wholesale Designer Directory
Wholesales AUTHENTIC designer handbags, clothing, accessories, and more from Gucci, Prada, JP Tod's, Burberry, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs—as well as other top-name designers—at an average of 50-80% off retail, and that the handbags come with their authenticity cards/tags and dust covers.
Will offer you a money-back guarantee on the authenticity of their merchandise.
Will ship worldwide (with the exception of a few).
Will not require an "account setup fee" to purchase wholesale.
Will require you to purchase a minimum quantity, which can be as low as 5 handbags (unless they drop-ship directly to your customers, in which case there is no minimum)
Will provide you with their company's complete contact information (address, telephone number, etc.), as you should always be able to speak to someone before ordering.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are these wholesalers that I can find simply searching on the internet?

For the most part, no. These are wholesalers that mainly people who are "in the business" know about.

Does your directory contain wholesale suppliers of other designer merchandise, besides handbags?

Yes, my directory contains suppliers of authentic designer clothing, shoes, watches, perfume, jewelry, sunglasses, accessories, and cosmetics.

Does your directory have wholesale contacts for replica handbags?

No. I only deal with wholesalers of authentic designer merchandise. Replica or knockoff handbags are illegal; it's trademark infringement.

Do the wholesale suppliers offer current season or past season merchandise?

The wholesale suppliers offer both current season and past season merchandise, but the majority is past season.

Where are these wholesalers located and where do they ship to?

Most of the wholesalers in my directory are located in the US, and they import their merchandise directly from Italy. However, I also have a few wholesalers located right in Italy—at the source—and in other parts of Europe. Nearly all of the wholesalers in my directory ship worldwide. Therefore, no matter where you live, you can still use the directory.

Can I use the directory to purchase wholesale handbags for just myself, not necessarily to sell?

Yes, but the majority of the suppliers have 5 to 10 items minimums. I only have a few suppliers that do not require minimum orders.

Will there be any other fees associated with the Wholesale Designer Directory?

No. There are no other charges associated with my directory. Period. You will never be re-billed for anything. Your membership to my online directory is a one-time payment and it is good for a lifetime.

What designer brands can I expect to find in the Wholesale Designer Directory?

The directory contains 100s of designer brands. Here's just a small sample of some of the brands you will find in our directory:

Balenciaga, Bvlgari, Burberry, Chanel, Cesare Paciotti, Chloe, Christian Dior, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, Ed Hardy, Emmanuel Ungaro, Fendi, Ferre, Francesco Biasia, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, John Richmond, JP Tod's, Just Cavalli, Lesilla Project, Lowe Valentini, Miu Miu, Marcio Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Prada, Prada Sports, Pronto Valentino, Rayban, Rodo, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sergio Rossi, Valentino, Versace, Yamamoto, Yves Saint Laurent,
Longchamp, and many more.

My Knowledge & Years of Experience Buying Designer Merchandise Wholesale is Yours Risk-Free

Here's the best news of all: you made it here just in time to take advantage of an unprecedented offer.

This offer is a part of a marketing test that's got my accountant up in arms; he thinks that my normal risk-free price of $59.95 is too low. However, because the Internet has reduced many of my costs, I'm doing a marketing test and passing my savings on to our Internet customers until May 15th, 2013. Depending on how it affects sales, I may or may not continue this special discount offer after this date.

Therefore, if you order the Wholesale Designer Directory online by midnight on May 15th, 2013, it's yours risk-free for an incredibly low price of only $39.95—which is nothing compared to how much $$$ you will be saving and earning with this knowledge. This is over 30% off the everyday price!

*THIS IS A ONE-TIME fee. You will never be re-billed for anything (like some other membership sites), and you will get free lifetime updates.

  Free Bonus #1: Designer Handbag Wholesalers That Drop-Ship!  
BonusDrop shipping is a great way to start a business. If you don't know what drop shipping is, it simply means that you do not have to stock any inventory. The wholesaler stocks all of the inventory for you and ship the items, one piece at a time, directly to your customers. This option works very well for people who want to sell designer handbags without investing in the merchandise before it is actually sold. I, personally, did this with my company's online store when I was just starting out. The only downside to drop shipping is the fact that the pricing won't be quite as good as if you were to buy in bulk. However, depending on how you sell these goods, you should still be able to make a decent profit. If you order my directory today, I will include—completely FREE of charge—the contact information of legitimate designer handbag wholesalers that drop-ship.
  Free Bonus # 2: Designer Handbag Suppliers in Italy and Europe!  
BonusEver wonder where eBay PowerSellers and companies who import their merchandise get it from? Well, the answer is right at the source: Italy. If you've ever tried to get the contact information for these wholesalers, then you know how unbelievably hard it is to do. No one in the business wants to give away this information. However, I am going to give you the contact information of the few, highly-sought-after Italian designer handbag suppliers. This bonus alone is well worth the cost of the directory...and it's yours free, if you order now.
100%, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
      Money Back  
I insist that you order the Wholesale Designer Directory entirely at my risk. That's why the directory comes with a Risk-Free, 100%, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

There's absolutely NO RISK on your part:

I am a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating—the highest rating given to businesses. You can click here to view my BBB report or call them directly at 1-800-646-6222 to verify this.
I am PayPal verified, which means that the address that I conduct business from has been verified to be my actual address.
You can give me a call, toll-free, at 1-800-701-2846. I am a real person.
I use the largest, most-trusted, 3rd party payment processor, ClickBank, which guarantees your refund, should you so desire one.
Lastly, of all the wholesale directories out there, how many people list their complete contact information (bottom left hand of this page), including a phone number where you can talk to not only an actual person but also the owner?
This is the real deal! You'll know in a few minutes that everything I say about the Wholesale Designer Directory is true. And with my instant money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you. If you don't like the directory for ANY reason—even if it's because you don't like layout of the website—simply send me an e-mail or give me a call and you will receive an immediate 100% refund of the purchase price, as long as it is within 60 days of receipt.
V.A.B. Ventures, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Internet Marketing Services in Minneapolis MN

BOTTOM LINE: You are either completely satisfied with my directory, or you are out nothing. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Join Now & Receive Immediate Access Online

One-Time Payment of $39.95

Secure Shopping

Your online purchase is 100% secure. We use the industry's highest standard
of security technology—SSL.

Receive Lifetime Access
The directory is online in the members only section of this website. After joining, you will immediately create a username and password and then access the directory.



We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, JCB, Diners, and PayPal online.


To your success!

Viktor Bariss

2602 Portland Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: 1-800-701-2846 (toll-free)
Fax: (800) 701-2846
P.S. Interested in learning more? Here's an article about how the wholesale market for authentic designer handbags is unlike any other.

WholesaleDesignerHandbags.com is not an authorized dealer or agent of Prada®, Fendi®, Dior®, Gucci®, Chanel®, Marc Jacobs®, Coach®, Tod's®, Balenciaga®, or Louis Vuitton®. Also, WholesaleDesignerHandbags.com is in no way affiliated with Prada®, Fendi®, Dior®, Gucci®, Chanel®, Marc Jacobs®, Coach®, Tod's®, Balenciaga®, or Louis Vuitton® and these brands are the registered trademarks of their respective companies. All references to Prada®, Fendi®, Dior®, Gucci®, Chanel®, Marc Jacobs®, Coach®, Tod's®, Balenciaga®, or Louis Vuitton® are for identification purposes only.


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